IT and Applications

ABERON offers Biosphere modeling and analysis and forecasting of trends. The team uses environmental informatics (ICT/IST/GIS, networks) in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, ecology, hydrology, climatology, meteorology, and economics. The introduction of eco-technologies is essential for the storage of environmental components, the biodiversity and the sustainable economic development without loss of natural resources.

Via modeling and GIS, ABERON develops long-term weather and climate forecasts and assists in post-events management of environmental disasters or in managing the urban development and growth, and advicing governments on policy planning and implementation.

ABERON participates and leads Research&Technology Development (RTD) and European Horizon 2020 projects with a sharp focus in all environment media.

The company utilizes IST/ICT and geomatics technologies for environmental monitoring via UAV/UAS/UGV systems and produces wide range of safety, security and environmental protection management for agricultural and other purposes. ABERON is INSPIRE and SEIS/EiONET format compliant and assists clients in INSPIRE adaptations.