STRIDE - Improved energy planning through the Integration of Smart Grid concepts in the Danube region

ABERON signed a new technical assistance contract on STRIDE project.

The STRIDE project aims to provide through knowledge transfer and development of planning tools, a comprehensive support for regional/local policy makers for the improvement of energy planning. Regional analyses, strategies, action plans and methodologies, guidebook, platform developed within the project will enable and accelerate the integration of smart grid concepts into regional and local policies. STRIDE project will be carried out in three steps:

1. Analysing the current situation in the Danube region (legislation, smart grid potentials, scenario developments) and good practices in the region;
2. Preparation of smart grid strategies and action plans;
3. Development of platform and triple-helix capacity building.

ABERON provides assistance and sector expertise to the Bulgarian Energy and Mining Forum the Bulgarian project partner in the development, implementation and reporting of STRIDE.

  • Year: 2020-2022