Towards farms with zero carbon-, waste- and water-footprint. Roadmap for sustainable management strategies for Balkan agricultural sector - BalkanROAD

BalkanROAD provides tools and policies for economic development, through the adoption of environment protective practices and shares the ambition of farmers to protect the environment modernizing and increase in the meantime the profitability of their enterprises. BalkanROAD has two objectives:

1) to improve Balkan agricultural environment by developing strategies, methodologies and technologies for natural resources conservation (soil, water, air), reduction of GHGs, reduction of waste generation/disposal and increase recycling/reuse ratio in farm systems;

2) to develop a common Balkan Protocol for the production of eco-labeled agricultural products, by introducing sustainable practices throughout the entire production line (from cradle to the market) so that the final products will have measurable, comparable and ultimately the lowest possible environmental footprint.

ABERON OOD, awarded for technical assistance to the Association of Agro-Environmental Farmers, undertakes the GAP and LCA analysis, development of strategies for cultivation and production, contribution to the Balkan Protocol.

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Year 2017-2020