Enhancing the effectiveness of the power grid and the integration of prosumers in the Danube region by incorporating smart edge technologies - DRiSET



The Seed Money Facility Call of the Danube Transnational Programme 2018 is funding the development of major project, aiming at accelerating the implementation of smart edge technologies and next generation of smart energy services for power automation in the Danube Region. Specific emphasis is put on the consumers role in the changing markets.

The project contributes to enhancing the effectiveness of the grid, maximizing the value of distributed energy resources, strengthening the competitiveness in the energy sector through establishment of prosumers and acceleration of novel sustainable solutions in power system automation, as well as mitigating energy poverty.

The main project developed under DRiSET is named “iLENET - Intelligent Local Energy Networks to Boost the Low Carbon Development” was submitted under H2020 Call topic LC-SC3-EE4-2019. iLENET undertakes actions tailored with the EUSDR, aligned with the Clean Energy Package and beneficial to Europe’s economy and energy markets under the SET Plan. It also considers the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2018/844 and its pending implementation of the Smartness Readiness Indicator.

ABERON, a technical assistance to the BEMF is participating in the development, implementation and reporting of DRiSET.


Year 2018-2019