Air quality is having a serious impact on human health and their living and working environment. The environment pollution could slow the economic development, cause disturbances in the infrastructure and provoke social problems.

Air pollution can destroy the ecosystems and the biodiversity, inflicting stable negative consequences on the environment.

The increase in global population, the dynamics and the various economic models of living reduce the ability of the planet to bear the consequences of human activity. The food chain, from the cultivation of agricultural products through the production to the consumption, contributes significant for reducing the availability and quality of water on the planet. The climate change, the energy use, the ecosystem functioning, soil quality and even air quality are directly dependent on the quality and quantity of water.

The animals and plants diversity and their habitats and genes is a subject of a growing concern due to the fact that people accept nature for granted. The species interact with their environment in order to create the ecosystems that sustain life of all living organisms.

Biodiversity is vital for numerous human activities.

Following the requirements for reduction of municipal waste and achievement of resource efficiency, ABERON provides consultancy services for preparation of waste management programmes, expert analyses, feasibility studies, conceptual and detailed design of installations for composting, cost-benefit analysis, business plans and financial models.


We study options to reduce widely distributed waste and apply European and international practices aimed at effective utilization of waste through innovative systems for separation and composting. In partnership with Bulgarian and European organizations, we develop projects introducing circular economy and zero waste.

ABERON works with leading research institutes from Germany, Greece and Spain and distributes technical equipment and systems of the companies.

Our team has considerable experience in project management on construction of new and closing of old landfills, construction of a regional center for waste management.

Since July 2017, ABERON OOD. has been providing smart management services for treatment of waste from various types of companies, through a specialized methodology. Our services are based on the experience and know-how from TRADEBE - a leader in the European market in implementation of waste management technologies. ABERON OOD. offers individual customer solutions pursuant to the applicable waste management options in technical and regulatory aspect. Our services go beyond the conventional waste management to the circular economy concept, through utilization of the waste as a resource on site or outside the enterprise. Financial improvements (including cost savings, increased profit), carbon footprint reduction and process improvement (including compliance with the waste management hierarchy) are the ultimate goals.


Reducing energy consumption and eliminating energy wastage are becoming more important every day. Measures to improve energy efficiency are increasingly seen as means not only to achieve a sustainable energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions but also to increase the competitiveness of the European economies. The EC lays down minimum energy efficiency standards and rules on labeling and eco-design of products, services and infrastructure.

ABERON offers Biosphere modeling and analysis and forecasting of trends. The team uses environmental informatics (ICT/IST/GIS, networks) in the areas of biology, chemistry, physics, ecology, hydrology, climatology, meteorology, and economics. The introduction of eco-technologies is essential for the storage of environmental components, the biodiversity and the sustainable economic development without loss of natural resources.

We participate and lead Research Technology Development t (RTD) and European Horizon 2020 projects with a sharp focus in all environment media.

We utilize IST/ICT and geomatics technologies to monitoring the environment via UAV/UAS/UGV systems and produce long range management plans for safety, security and environmental protection for agricultural and other practices. We are INSPIRE and SEIS/EiONET format compliant and assist clients in INSPIRE adaptations.