Operational Programmes

The overall objectives of the programme are the development of environmental infrastructure, improvement, conservation and restoration of the environment by protecting and improving the condition of water, air quality and soils.

Other activities under the program are designed to reduce noise pollution, improve waste management, conservation of biodiversity and nature protection.

Priority sectors of the program are “Water”, “Waste”, “Biodiversity“, “Natura 2000” and policies related to climate change.

The rural development program aims to promote social inclusion, knowledge transfer and innovation in agriculture and forestry. Help increase competitiveness, economic development in rural areas, use of innovative technologies and sustainable management of forests.

Among the priorities of the program are restoration, fortification and protection of the environment, efficient use of resources, helping the transition to a low carbon economy resilient to climate change.

Potential beneficiaries of the programme are: Farmers, Micro-enterprises in rural areas, municipalities within rural areas, non-profit organizations and others.

The Program’s main objectives are improving the quality of living and access to employment. "Regions in growth" aims to open new opportunities for improved regional competitiveness and sustainable development.

The priorities of the program include integrated and sustainable urban development, building health, social, educational and road infrastructures, also the development of regional tourism.

Potential beneficiaries of the programme are: municipalities, municipal companies, non-governmental organizations with local authorities.

The Program’s main objective is the achievement of dynamic and competitive economy on the European and world market. The program supports innovations, entrepreneurship and growth capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)

Also among the priorities are introducing internationally recognized practices, building energy-saving technologies, green economy and resource efficiency.

Potential beneficiaries of the programme are: SMEs, large enterprises, research institutes, universities, regional and municipal administrations and NGOs and others.

For the first time Bulgaria adopted a new operational program dedicated to the development of science and education. The Operational Programme “Science and Education for Smart Growth” is managed by the Ministry of Education and Science and is the only programme financed from the European Social Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

Within the 2014-2020 programming period Bulgaria has access to funds to support the link between higher education, school education and the labor market, the educational integration and lifelong learning.

The total budget of the program amounts to 1.37 billion BGN (EU funding and national co-financing), divided into four priority axes:

• Research and technological development;
• Education and lifelong learning;
• Educational environment for active social inclusion; and
• Technical assistance.

Potential beneficiaries of the programme are: the Ministry of Education and Science, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Educational, training and scientific organizations and institutions, socio-economic partners, employers and others.

Current information about the programme “Innovations and competitiveness” 2014 – 2020 can be found at: http://sf.mon.bg/?go=page&pageId=55