International Programs

The LIFE programme is the EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action. The general objective of LIFE is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of EU environmental and climate policy and legislation by co-financing projects with European added value.
LIFE began in 1992 and to date there have been four complete phases of the programme.

The maximum contribution for LIFE multiannual work programme 2014-2017 is assigned to 1 796 242 000 EUR. The current call for proposals covers grants for "Traditional" projects, Preparatory projects, Integrated projects, Technical Assistance projects and Capacity building projects.

The overall objective of the two financial instruments is to reduce economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area and strengthening of the bilateral relations between donor countries and Bulgaria.

For the implementation of the two programs in the period 2009-2014 the donor countries will establish programmatic approach in order to easily monitoring the results and compliance with the national priorities,  also enhanced partnership with the donor countries during implementation of the programs and more decentralized management system on level programming operators.

In the new programme period 2014-2020 15 member states will receive a total of € 2.8 billion for the reduction of the social and economic inequality and strengthening bilateral relations with the three donor countries. In addition, will be created two regional funds targeting youth unemployment (65,5 mill. EUR) and to promote regional cooperation (34.5 mill. EUR).

Horizon 2020 is the largest in the history of EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, its 7-year budget is worth nearly 80 bln. EUR. The funding is aimed at three main pillars of "Horizon 2020":

• Excellence in science for leading researchers and scholarships for young researchers the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions.
• In support of the leadership of European industry in areas such as nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing technology, robotics, biotechnology and space.
• Societal challenges for innovative projects in response to the seven societal challenges in "Horizon 2020" - generally they are: health care, agriculture, maritime affairs, bio economy; energetics; transport; climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials; minded societies; security.