Prof. Mark Bonazountas

Prof. Mark Bonazountas

Senior consultant GIS

Mark has an Engineering Degree from the National Technical University of Athens, a Doctorate Degree from the National Technical University of Munich, Diploma in Computer Sciences, Data Processing Institute of Athens, Postdoctoral studies in water resources systems from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Studies in public policy, Harvard University, J. F. Kennedy School of Government. He is a PPL Pilot & Aviation Radio Communications Engineer in the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority).

His experience ranges from mathematical modeling & IT systems (air, soil, water, ecosystems, health), environmental economics, earth surveying technologies, sustainability indicators, resource efficiency, green-economy, statistics to law-directives and other. The above are combined with geomatics, GIS, remote sensing, space and Info-society technologies, and the use of the internet geospatial portal processing and dissemination.

Mark managed 80+ major EC/RTD projects, has lead and guided 150+ major state-of-technology international projects and has supervised 40+ major academic research projects.

He is fluent in English, German, French, Greek, and knowledgeable in Italian and Flemish.