Prof. Dr. Seraphim Petrov

Prof. Dr. Seraphim Petrov

Senior consultant, risk management expert

Prof. Dr. Serafim Petrov is a lead consultant in the field of risk management, management of socioeconomic processes and statistics.

He graduated from the "University of National and World Economy" Sofia, with a master's degree in statistics. Serafim Petrov has a PhD in economics in statistics and professor’s degree from the “International Business School”,Botevgrad in "Modeling, Forecasting and management of socioeconomic processes".

Successfully passed specialization in Italy, the Netherlands, Britain and France, on various topics, some of which are “Management of consulting centers for small and medium size enterprises and entrepreneurship” also “Information and database systems, making management decisions.”. Seraphim holds certificates for financial appraiser from “Chamber of the independent assessors, Bulgaria” and „JICA – Total Quality Management in Practice“ Tokyo, Japan.

Since 1972 works in the field of statistical analyzes, modeling of financial systems, risk and quality management. He currently leads lectures at the International Business School Botevgrad, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", the New Bulgarian University, Sofia and the Technical University, Gabrovo.

Participates in national and international projects funded by the programmes - Tempus, PHARE, Leonardo and others, 47 of which during 1994-2014.