The animals and plants diversity and their habitats and genes is a subject of a growing concern due to the fact that people accept nature for granted. The species interact with their environment in order to create the ecosystems that sustain life of all living organisms.

Biodiversity is vital for numerous human activities. A large part of food production is only possible because of natural resources such as fertile soil, water and bees that pollinate the plants and trees. The plants clean the air as they release oxygen and absorbe the harmful pollutants.

The biodiversity loss is an irreversible process. In order to prevent and stop it, ABERON develops projects for biodiversity conservation, including strategies for the protection of natural heritage by applying models, proven at European and global level. The company also provides mapping and assessment of ecosystems and their services. ABERON is carrying out the natural capital valuation, by applying the methodology of Stanford University (USA).

ABERON designs research and monitoring plans for the climate change impact on various types of communities; monitors the forthcoming changes in land use related to climate change; and prepares socio-economic analyses for the effective use of resources.