Air quality is having a serious impact on human health and their living and working environment. The environment pollution could slow the economic development, cause disturbances in the infrastructure and provoke social problems.

Air pollution can destroy the ecosystems and the biodiversity, inflicting stable negative consequences on the environment. The toxic substances can cause erosion, destroy forest areas and reduce yields of agricultural products.

In order to prevent these negative effects, ABERON assesses air quality against the established norms and standards and identifies the potential risks. It also develops plans and projects aimed at preventing the significant air pollution against the main identified pollutants at regional and national level; designs joint inventory programs for greenhouse gas emissions, reducing pollution levels and achieving the established norms and standards for harmful substances.

The computer simulation models developed by ABERON will help you in interpreting the data with findings and in making the best decisions. ABERON’s monitoring programmes ensure effective and sustainable addressing of the problem of air pollution and provide reliable tools for compliance with the national regulations in compliance Directive 2008/50 /EU.